Our mission to help you grow your business!

Our Mission:

We give business, industries and humanity the power to instantly see, act, and thrive through our custom solutions. We believe that no two problems are the same and each must be given the time, effort, and necessary tools (human capital and technology) to create the solution needed!

Our Vision:

Sitting at the intersection of operational efficiency and developing new technology, we help make the world a better place through quality assurance, automation, development, and technology. We are the pulse that keeps businesses, organizations, and individuals growing and thriving!

Alex Elias - Chief Executive Officer, Public Speaker, & Business Consultant

With more than a ten years of experience, Alex has built more than a dozen successful companies, many with successful exits along the way. He has also contributed to the direct success and sustainability of a number of additional companies and organizations throughout his career. His entrepreneurial and consulting efforts have spanned from start-ups to large corporations and organizations, sales, marketing, advertising, technology, custom development, strategy, operations, manufacturing and sourcing, fundraising/capital raising, real estate, and much more!

In addition to his entrepreneurial work, Alex pursued community improvement opportunities which led to his role in organizing the Midwest Digital Marketing Conference. He also serves as a Medici Ambassador, Social X Community Member and Mentor, MultiPass Mentor, is a member at several professional and community based organizations, amongst other roles and opportunities in both the local and global communities.

All of the work he has done, companies/organizations he has built or helped to build, community engagements, and other areas of focus, all have one core thing in common. Everything he does, stays true to his mission. Tikkun Olam. Alex has his sights set on finding a way to live true to this core belief, which means to repair the world. Everyday is a learning opportunity and we can all become better for it!

Michael Fritzius - Chief Technology Officer & Consultant

Michael ("Fritz") has been in IT since graduating from UMSL in 2006 with a BS in Computer Science. Starting as an embedded developer he has become an expert in the fields of quality assurance and test automation. He has gone to create a business surrounding these practices and has been able to impact many individuals and companies to help them deliver quality software at scale.
Michael Fritzius - Chief Technology Officer & Consultant
Alex Zvibleman - Chief Procurement Officer & Consultant

Alex Zvibleman - Chief Procurement Officer & Consultant

Alex pioneered the Entrepreneurship program at the University of Missouri – Saint Louis, while also obtaining a second bachelor’s degree in Business Management. From a young age, he was focused on impacting the community in a positive way. With this in his head, he fell in love with Saint Louis and its’ community. Alex set out to develop several businesses and ventures in Saint Louis with varying levels of success. Through his efforts (especially in regard to his commercial real estate background), he has been able to help add stability to an otherwise very unstable part of the city/community. Alex founded and ran a product procurement company in the Saint Louis area for several years prior to joining forces and becoming a part of The Product Plug’s team.

Alex’s goal is to make a better Saint Louis and a better world! Everyday he works very hard for his clients, friends, and family to do just that!

Nathaniel Moman - Creative Director and Consultant

Nathaniel has a history of over 10 years in the Music Industry and Media Creation. Nathaniel was a team member of an Arch Grants winning start-up as a Sound Engineer and Team Catalyst. As a sound engineer, Nathaniel learned the importance of strong marketing and content after working with many artists failing to gain traction with their music. This experience was the catalyst for him to start his first business Materia Marketing. Materia Marketing is a web design focused company with a mission to Build Brands Beautifully through the art of web design. Aligning this mission, along with Nathaniel's strong desire to take your vision and making it a reality, making him and our team a strong partnership for your media needs.

Theodore Sloan - Executive Producer & Consultant

Theo, Theodore, or Teddy, previously operated as the Executive Producer & General Manager of Fat Chimp Studios, St Louis, MO since 2015. Prior to moving back to the Midwest, Theo was Executive Producer and Head of Production with Skyy Rockett Entertainment, Los Angeles, CA. Prior to his role at SRE, Theo was a Freelance Producer with many studios, networks and production companies for multiple, high-profile Game Shows and Reality Shows. "The Glee Project" and “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader” are examples of the shows he honed his production skills. With both Fat Chimp Studios and now, A.E. Consulting Solutions, Theo has written, directed and produced a diverse array of projects from cooking shows & talk shows to complex video marketing campaigns and instructional videos that showcase products and services. Theo also has expertise working with marketing content, live stream, advertising, storytelling, and other creative needs for businesses and corporations.
Theodore Sloan - Executive Producer & Consultant
Antwan Lawrence - Chief Analytics Officer & Consultant

Antwan Lawrence - Chief Analytics Officer & Consultant

Founder and CEO of Athlete Performance Intelligence company DataJocks. Dynamic and innovative leader with over 13 years of experience leading organizations across the Healthcare and benefit solutions space. Antwan has partnered with several fortune 100 healthcare organizations to help them realize the value of Medicare, Medicaid, Commerical, and Marketplace data assets. Successfully leading the design, development, implementation of multi-million dollar enterprise data warehouse and analytics enablement projects. These projects enabled healthcare organizations to successfully bid for multi-million dollar Medicare contracts and realize enterprise level cost saving from enriched on-demand data analytics solutions.
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