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How Starting a Blog Will Boost Your Business

Opens Up More Opportunities for Communication

Every post you make on your blog and the comment forms gives your audience another means to communicate with you. This allows even the most simplest thoughts to be communicated with you, much like with social media. Their thought might be perfect to be left as a comment at the end of the post they’ve just read.

This allows you an opportunity to reply to their comment and start a conversation with them. Allowing you to show your experience and knowledge on the topic presented, as well as showing interest in them. This will help bring back more traffic to your site and possibly create future customers.


Having an online blog allows you to show off the projects and miles stones you and your company have achieved. This helps to create validation for yourself as a reputable company and allow others to get a feel for what you and your company are about. This creates a way for you to build trust with future customers indirectly.

Through your posts you can also find ways to build value. Such as tips and tricks to improve a specific segment of a business or with motivational posts. As Gary V says” “No matter what you do, your job is to tell your story.” Your story can be shown through the value you build as a content creator on your businesses blog.

Boost Your SEO

The more content is posting on your website, the more often search engine users will find your website and view your content. The more you post the better the change your update will be found by your audience and new traffic. Search engines such as Google don’t want to send their users to old and out dated websites. Continuously posting content is the best way to signal to search engines that your website is fresh and updated.

You can also gain backlinks from other websites that repost your content. This will boost your SEO and bring you new traffic from many sources you wouldn’t have had exposure to before. This comes with posting strong content that people will gain value from and is worth sharing.

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