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Why Small Businesses Need Mobile Apps


The competition between small businesses is very large, so any edge your small business can gain to stay in the ring with them and the large competitors are very important. With the millennial demographic growing up and taking over a huge part of the consumer demographic your advantage is your mobile presence. The truth is that if your business is not prepared to serve the mobile population, be ready to get taken out by your competition. You would think that as technology evolves that small businesses would have more chances and opportunities to compete with their larger competitors. This is the case on some occasions, for younger business owners but for most, modern technology is evolving faster than businesses can keep up with and leave many lost trying to understand the changes they need to make. This is where teams like mine help these business understand the importance of mobile apps and how much it can grow businesses.

Apps, App, Mobile

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In a recent study by buzzboard, researchers found that less than half, 47% of small businesses, were ready to conduct business with mobility. The study further states that 49% of consumers looking for information about local SMB use their smartphones to do so, 18% of those searches led to customers arriving at a brick and mortar store to make a purchase. Customers shopping and searching methods are changing faster than small businesses can keep up with. What that means to you as a business owner, is that you cannot afford to wait to develop a mobile presence. The longer you wait the larger the risk you run of being put out of business. As of 2016, 85% of Americans own a smartphone. That is a huge demographic to be missing out on.


Apps, App, Mobile,

Value of A Mobile App


If you don’t begin developing your mobile existence, you are missing out on opportunity after opportunity. You need to be able to keep up with your competitors, and without a mobile presence, other businesses in your niche will take your customers.
As more and more technology platforms shift focus towards apps, it is in your best interest to invest in app development as well. Apps create mobile capability and because an app works directly with the device it is downloaded, it has the potential to allow customers and clients a more interactive mobile experience. Customers like apps to be simple. They like to go to the app to, book appointments, make orders, get reminders, etc. An app offers a much more user-friendly experience without needing the hands-on services of a sales/support rep. Mobile apps engage users more. If your business’s niche offers any of the following (but not limited to) an app is most certainly the mobile market you want to begin using:
Regular customers like hair/nail salons, restaurants, etc
Extensive research before purchasing like car dealers
Intensive communication such as event planners
Location reminders like a restaurant or a concert venue
Services such as taxi companies or maid services
Trust based services such as a car mechanic
Valued reminders like a doctor, dentist or massage studio
Studies indicate that 90% of media time is spent using apps instead of browser technology. As a small business, you need to invest in app technology to stay in business in this new digital age!


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