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Paid Advertising


  • AE’s traditional media buyers have placed hundreds of millions of dollars across network & local television, radio, outdoor, and print mediums. Our expertise, combined with top data providers, provides our buyers with the necessary tools to conquer your marketplace.

Digital CPM

  • Our digital media buying team works with top DSPs including The Trade Desk, Dataxu and more to find the best price and strategy for your brand goals. Our top-of-the-line data partners provide us with the tools we need to target to the user’s IP address through geographic, demographic, psychographic, and other robust targeting solutions.

Location-Based Targeting

  • AE works with only the most transparent data partners to deliver accurate and efficient geo-fenced campaigns down to the address. Our “Beacon Technology” allows CPG clients to target down to the grocery aisle. Putting your brand in front of your customer at the perfect time and place.

Digital Pay-Per-Click

  • Our PPC team partners with leading optimization tools to produce the highest return at the lowest cost
  • We have the tools to get the most out of your marketing budget and get the ROI your business needs, our plans are fully customizable in every aspect to get the specific results you are looking for

We work alongside some of the largest data firms to provide clients with state-of- the-art targeting, analytics, and reporting tools to drive growth and understand the results of complex paid advertising campaigns. Our data partners include:

  • Experian, Nielsen, TransUnion, Lexis Nexus, Cision, and more!
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Brand Monitoring and Competitive Research

Overall Benefits:

  • AE’s dedicated market research team conduct comprehensive industry analysis using databases of television stations, radio stations, content producers, and social media accounts across the world. AE can monitor the effectiveness of your campaigns, as well as deconstruct your competitor’s strategies.

Brand Monitoring,Competitive Research

Digital Marketing


  • SEO is the process of using keywords and back-links to impact the visibility of a website in a search engine’s results and is at the foundation of any strong marketing campaign.
  • AE’s skilled professionals utilize comprehensive SEO solutions to increase your online visibility on popular search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo to direct your target audience to your site.

Influencer Marketing:

  • Align your brand with pubic figures and influencers that your consumers know and trust. At AE we have access to millions of social influencers, media influencers, and public figures and we pass these relationships on to you.

Social Media:

  • At AE, we deliver creative ideas with forward-thinking brands. We believe in people, not platforms and the power of social insight to drive business value.
  • AE works with your brand to devise personalized and unified social media campaigns that span across several platforms. Through comprehensive analysis, optimization, and sourcing content we safely expand your reach, boost sales, and improve ROI.
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