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How to Be a Great Project Manager

Be a Great Communicator
Communication is key in managing a project. Lack of proper communication can delay a project by days, if not weeks. It also is the foundation for mistakes, which you will be spending much time and energy rectifying.  Having regular communication with your team sets standards, allows for mistakes to be found before they are executed, and lets your team know that you are in charge.
As a Project Manager, you must be able to provide constructive feedback that enhances the team’s skills, not destructive feedback that will lower their excitement and enthusiasm for the task. When an error is found, lead with an understanding of the error and provide a solution with detailed instructions.
Be a Critical Thinker
Lots of Project Managers love to use the first solution they find for a task and implement it. As a great Project Manager, it is important not to do this. This will almost always lead to oversights and more mistakes later on in the project. You must be able to think fast and always find the best solution but it is always smart to realize the first solution is not usually the best. It is better to have a slight delay, early in the project, rather than a longer delay close to the deadline.
Build Great Teams and Be a Master Delegator 
Team building is important when managing any project. It is your job to help gel the team together and create a great working relationship. The first step with that is to act as an equal at team meetings and to not flaunt the fact that you are in charge. This lead to a sour team that is working against you and not with you.
Learn your team’s strengths and delegate tasks to those on your team that will flourish with them. You can learn these strengths simply by sitting down individually with each team member and learning more about them personally and professionally. Ask what skills they think they have and ask what skills others have always said they are best at. This will give you a better understanding of the work they like and the work they have always had to do.
Stay Calm
No matter how desperate the situation, always stay calm. Team culture starts with the Project Manager and flows down to the team. If you are calm, the team will replicate. If you are stressed and lashing out, so will your team.
Make sure to take time for yourself and do the things that make you relaxed. Whether it’s reading, playing golf, or taking a nice hot bath, always take the time out to do so. You are the foundation of the project and a cracked Project Manager leads to a cracked project.



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