Facebook Marketing Tips

Be Consistent

You don’t want to make posts every now and then, you want to be very consistent and engage with your followers. The best way to do this is to post daily to get your followers engaged and interested in your updates. 

This is important on all your social media outlets but is most important on Facebook and Twitter because they are fast moving platforms. If you are not consistent your posts can get washed away by your followers timeline.


Don’t be a ghost when your followers interact with you, build value and show genuine interest in there comments and questions. 

This shows your followers you care about what they are thinking and are always taking into account their thoughts. This adds a personal aspect to your business that is very important and cannot grow rapidly without it. 

Picture Perfect

Images are key to your posts. They are the first thing your followers are going to notice when you make a post. Whether its a selfie, picture of an event, or even a meme, you must clearly plan out the purpose of the photo. Always make sure it aligns with the purpose of the post. The image should draw the attention and the your post should build the value, without being to distracting. 

Ask Yourself Why

Why are people following you or why would they want to. If you cannot answer that question you have a lot of thinking to do. Without a clear goal and purpose you run the risk of running an inauthentic page. Users can see this and will stop them from following your page or make them un-follow.

If you know exactly your goal of your page and every post aligns with that purpose, you won’t run into that issue.

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