The Basics and Misconceptions of SEO


Over my years of learning and developing SEO strategies, I have learned that SEO has many misunderstandings and misconceptions. It is often over looked and under utilized in many businesses. 
Therefore, you may wonder, what is SEO?  “SEO” stands for Search Engine Optimization. According to Google the definition for search engine optimization (SEO) is, “a methodology of strategies, techniques and tactics used to increase the amount of visitors to a website by obtaining a high-ranking placement in the search results page of a search engine.”
With that in mind, rather than using paid Ad’s or pay-per-click advertising methods to drive traffic to your website, SEO creates organic or unpaid traffic, which is more highly regarded by the average consumer.  Less is always more for small businesses working to grow their brand with limited resources.

Google and the other major search engines have specific algorithms that rank your page on their respective search engines according to many factors (including, but not limited to, relevance, prominence, and accessibility).  The better your SEO the higher you will rank on these search engines in general and in specific searches that are relevant. The main goal is to be found on the first page of the search results provided.  Many businesses do not know that they are leaving business on the table by not being on the first page. According to Google, 98% of sales are converted on the first two pages of Google alone. Advanced Web Ranking also tells us that the first 5 results account for 67% of all clicks. These stats show us the importance of a strong SEO score.

The three most important factors of SEO


These three factors have some of the biggest impact across the board for search engines when they are determining your SEO scores are relevance, prominence, and accessibility.

-Relevance: This is all about creating the best keywords to use on your website. To optimize your site, use the same words your target audience will be searching on google and other search engines. However, know that it is near impossible to rank first for every key word your business could relate to.  Instead, focus on 3-5 keywords that are most related to your website. This will help create a more focused funnel of customers finding your website.
-Prominence: This is everything else happening on the Internet regarding your brand and/or your website. You gain more prominence when other websites back-link to your site, especially those with high levels of credibility or in other words strong SEO scores. This can be done by reaching out to relevant blogs or websites that share information to your target market or by creating your own blog and publishing content.  Building and/or generating back-links is a huge aspect to increasing your sites visibility and overall SEO score.
-Accessibility: Many technical factors can improve or damage the ranking of a website. If your site has slow loading speeds, bad design, unrelated content, and other technical issues, than this will greatly alter your SEO scores. It is not just about getting people to your site its keeping them there.

What to Avoid:

Also, keep in mind that many so-called SEO firms out there are using poor techniques that will ultimately cause their clients to be penalized by the search engines while these firms collect money and get away without any liability.  In the industry, these techniques are called black hat techniques.

Black Hat Techniques include:

  • Unrelated Keywords- using keywords completely unrelated to your website content
  • Keyword Stacking – duplicating keywords in your content to the point of it sounding like gibberish
  • Cloaking- Using white text to add hidden content to your site to boost scores
  • Duplicate Content- Copy a substantial amount of content from another website, with or without permission. 
  • Blog Spam- Automatically posting spam to blogs to gain traffic

    Misconceptions of SEO:

    I have seen many clients make the same mistake over and over regarding the priority of SEO in their business. Many become distracted by the more “tangible” aspects of marketing such as social media and online ads. They believe their service/product is so amazing all they need are ads to draw views and that people will immediately start buying. This is a dangerous thought process and can eventually destroy a business. SEO is an essential part to growing your business and its’ importance cannot be over looked. Without it, you are never generating organic traffic the way you could be.


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