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3 Tools to Boost You and Your Team’s Productivity

As a business owner, i’m always looking for tools that will help increase my team’s level of efficiency and communication. Over my years of doing business, through trial and error, I have found these tools below that I now use on a daily basis personally as well as with my team. I want to share these tools that I use daily that helps me and my team to be a more productive person and allow us to be more effective with our time while working.



Slack is a cloud-based team collaboration tool founded by Stewart Butterfield. Slack brings all your communication together in one place. It’s real-time messaging, archiving and search for modern teams. I found it to be a real burden to constantly be communicating with my team over email. It’s easy to miss emails when you have multiple members on one email chain and is very draining to go back and try to catch up. Slack is FREE and allows you to have all of your team members on one platform of communication. You can create “channels” for specific segments of your business, so that the team members all working in that segment can communicate on portions of the business that only pertain to them. This allows you to keep communication fluid and momentum constantly growing. There is also a direct messaging feature where you can reach out to any specific team member and start a private conversation, which can be useful for checking in on your managers, team members,  etc. Overall Slack is a great tool to use when your team grows from more than 2-3 members. Get your team communication under control with slack!


Link to Slack:



ToDoist is a free Task Management with millions of users. The Todoist website has an ambitious mission: “To improve our users productivity with the best task and project management tools in the world.” You can prioritize tasks, schedule due dates and assigns users to each task. It is very versatile and is effective no matter how much you utilize it. I like to use it as a personal To Do List to keep all my tasks and actions organized by level or priority. You can tag tasks as you create them so you can later search the tags with ease, which helps to remain organized and focus on the tasks I want to at a specific moment. Overall ToDoist is a great app for individuals or teams looking to remain organized and boost productivity.


Link to Todoist:



SaneBox looks up your past and current email activity to analyze which emails matter to you and which don’t. SaneBox will move the less important emails into the @SaneLater folder that will appear in your inbox, storing them for you when you have extra time. The biggest productivity killer I find, for me personally,  is uncurated email notifications. It could be from spam, personal life, or that client that likes to email you for every small issue. SaneBox combats that with the @SaneLater folder. You just have to be mindful to check the folders to make sure it is not sending emails you want to see in that folder. If so this can be easily fixed through the settings. Stop getting distracted by frivolous emails and get SaneBox


Link to SaneBox:


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